Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's Craft!

Hey girls! Now that the holidays are over we are going to try and get back in the swing of things. Please feel free to let us know if you would like to host a future craft night!

Magnetic Monthly Menu

Date - Tuesday February 22nd at 7:00 pm

Place - LDS Church

Hostess - Amie Miller

Cost - $13

(Picture and craft idea courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun)

This will include everything needed to complete the craft including enough magnets for 40 dinners. If you would like to do more than 40, you will need to bring additional magnets. You will need to type up your list of dinners in a small font. (Similar to this picture.)

(Picture and craft idea courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun)

They will probably need to be about a size 10 font, depending on which style you use. Basically they will need to fit into a box about the size of an inch, possibly a bit smaller.

The deadline to sign up/pay will be Friday the 18th. If you would like to have Amie type up and size to fit your dinner list for you, you will also need to have your list of dinners to her by Friday the 18th. 

You can sign up by calling, texting or emailing Amie at...

Home - 725-3502
Cell - 775-962-2374
Email - amiemiller02[at]hotmail[dot]com